Close the Zoo A campaign of

This horrible "zoo" closed in October 2011. but where did the 60 or so animals go?  Jungle Joe would only say that they are going to another "accredited zoo" or a "licensed facility."  Canned hunts, breeding facilities, and exotic animal auctions are all "licensed facilities" so that means the animals could end up anywhere.  

We rallied on Saturday, October 8, 2011 to request that Jungle Joe send the animals to sanctuaries and to tell the public where the baby animals he used for photo ops and birthday parties over the last two years have gone.   As part of the rally, we unveiled our "Where's Yuki" campaign to the public - for more information, please visit  

Sadly, Jungle Joe has refused to provide information about Yuki's whereabouts.   It is unknown if she is still alive.


Jungle Joe Finds a New Baby Tiger to Exploit

Resplendent in his khaki costume, Jungle Joe Fortunato pimps his latest rental - anyone with $25.00 can pose with him and a baby tiger.  This baby, along with many other baby animals Jungle Joe exploits for brief periods for photo opportunities and birthday parties, faces an uncertain future - ultimately, she could end up caged in someone's backyard as an exotic pet, or as a trophy kill in a canned hunt.  Jungle Joe refuses to divulge the current locations of his former money-makers, and they could be anywhere.

Jungle Joe, who apparently hopes to make a career out of portraying a wildlife adventurer, is available for hire for voiceovers, radio, film and theater.  But be sure to open your wallet, because he will not work for free.  For his "resume" on IMDB, click here.

The "Bucks County Zoo & Conservation Society" houses dozens of animals in a brick building located in a suburban office park. Most recently, this "zoo" received lots of local attention for its acquisition of a baby white Siberian tiger now named "Yuki". The baby tiger was forcibly separated from her mother while she was still nursing and brought to the office park in December 2011 when she was just a few weeks old, where she was soon rented out for birthday parties and photo opportunities. Just a few months later in April 2011, when she became too big to be useful for those purposes, she was shipped to an unknown facility.  Please watch this video to learn more about the baby tiger:

The Bucks County Zoo appears to provide a revolving door for baby exotic animals.  In 2008, the zoo provided Savannah, a baby lion cub, and Sydney, a baby red kangaroo, for photo opportunities and parties.  Just a year later, both animals were missing from the zoo.  Questions to Jungle Joe about their whereabouts have been ignored.  Dozens of other baby animals have been replaced by new babies so there is a continual source of props to make money for Jungle Joe.

This office park "zoo" has been around as a traveling zoo for several years and now operates as a not-for-profit business. The animals all live in tiny mesh or plastic cages crammed into a garage-like building. The place serves no educational or conservation purpose - the animals exhibit unnatural behavior and none of them will ever be returned to their native habitat.



After our first protest of the zoo in April 2011, "Jungle Joe" Fortunato stated to the media, "I wish they had done a little more homework before they decided to protest" (click here for link).  When a member of Animal ACTivists of Philly contacted Joe in the past with concerns about the animals, this was his response:

"Dear Tree Hugger,

You don't know what you are talking about since it is obvious you do NOT know what we teach. Try taking the time to read what our mission is instead of making false assumptions.  If you feel the need to continue to harass us please be sure to include your full name, SS#, DOB, and home address which will save taxpayers money when the police officer files a warrant for your arraest [sic] for harassment via communication under the PA Crimes Code.  Get a life."